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The Power of Journaling (Especially During a Pandemic)

June 12, 2020 Have you ever felt that you needed 34 hours in a day instead of 24? So that you could meet school deadlines, go to your club meetings, work, hang out with your friends, spend time with your family, organizing your desk and room, exercise, read, etc. etc.  Have you ever felt stressed [...]

The Power of Journaling (Especially During a Pandemic)2020-06-12T23:42:10-07:00

Have you ever taken a probiotic?

Have you ever taken a probiotic (microorganisms or “good bacteria” that can help restore balance in the gut) or a prebiotic (substances that feed good bacteria to help them grow in your gut)? If you have, you are one of the consumers who contribute to the probiotics $2 billion industry! According to the Nutrition [...]

Have you ever taken a probiotic?2018-10-15T17:25:02-07:00

Are You Stressed Out?

Being a college student these days can be stressful. I see the stress on the faces of my students. I can see it in the way they talk, and I see it especially right before exams. The stress of my students impacted me so much that I decided to develop a course entitled Life101 to [...]

Are You Stressed Out?2018-10-15T17:25:12-07:00

Sleep to De-Stress & Be Healthy

I always considered myself a good sleeper. I would joke that as soon as I see my pillow I fall asleep. But about 10 years ago, while going through a divorce, I developed insomnia. I would go to bed at 11 pm, wake up at 2 am and could not fall back asleep. While going [...]

Sleep to De-Stress & Be Healthy2018-10-15T17:25:22-07:00

What Exactly is a Habit?

One of my habits is that I cannot leave my office or home unless everything is put back in its place. This could take me minutes or sometimes an hour. Another habit of mine is to brush my teeth and wash my face every night before I go to bed, regardless of the time. I [...]

What Exactly is a Habit?2018-10-15T17:25:32-07:00

Did you know the FDA does NOT regulate dietary supplements?

You read that right! The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate dietary supplements. This means that the manufacturers of dietary supplements do not need to prove that their products are safe or effective before they go on the market. The FDA oversees and regulates prescription drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) medications and it [...]

Did you know the FDA does NOT regulate dietary supplements?2018-10-15T17:25:40-07:00

Dance to De-Stress

Stress is one of your worst enemies and you need to recognize and manage it as soon as you feel it. A few days ago, I received some bad news that stressed me out; to the point of keeping me awake one full night (I usually sleep very well). The next day, I was working [...]

Dance to De-Stress2018-10-15T17:25:49-07:00

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