Being part of a study group is key to your academic success. The best way to learn something is to discuss it and teach it. Here are some tips for a successful group study:

  • Allocate a minimum of two hours for each group study session.
  • Do not study with your friends! Study with classmates you don’t know well. Group study time is not a time for socializing. When you study with your friends, the chances are that you will waste time talking about non-class related stuff.
  • Have a specific group study time each week and don’t change it.
  • Treat the group study time seriously. Be prepared and read the material before you start the group study. Or if all members agree, allocate solo study time during the group study.
  • Start your group study with a big picture and then add details and discuss it.
  • It is OK to take a short break and have a snack or walk around but limit the break to 10 minutes. Try not to eat snacks during the group study. Eating will distract you and your group study members.

Happy Group Study!