I am sorry, but I cannot help but talking about why you need to sleep more.

Sleep deprivation is a huge problem among college students, and this fact should not be taken lightly. Various studies have shown that a continued lack of sleep leads to an increased likelihood for memory loss, and higher risk for obesity and other diseases.

The qualities needed to maximize test performance, such as memory, alertness, and concentration, are decreased when you are sleep-deprived. Research has shown that students who get 6 or fewer hours of sleep receive lower GPAs than students who get 8 or more hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation also negatively affects work performance.

One of the most effective ways to consistently get quality sleep is to establish and practice a bedtime ritual (i.e. reading, taking a bath, or listening to relaxing music) while maintaining a regular bed and wake time (including weekends), with only maybe an hour of deviation if needed.

The next time you find yourself browsing social media or YouTube before bed, consider resting your eyes and getting a longer night’s sleep.