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Want to do great on your finals? Sleep!!!

Here is a scientifically proven recommendation to help you do better on your final exams: According to Dr. Matthew Walker, the director of Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab at Berkeley, sleep can improve learning and memory. He came up with this conclusion after conducting scientific studies for a couple of decades. Since I know you are [...]

Want to do great on your finals? Sleep!!!2018-12-10T11:30:09-08:00

Mindfulness 101

What exactly is mindfulness? The official definition of mindfulness is "a technique in which one focuses one’s full attention (actively) only on the present, with purpose, and without judgment." Mindfulness is a state of being when your body and mind are in the same place at the same time. More specifically, this means noticing what [...]

Mindfulness 1012018-12-05T10:24:00-08:00

Does Vitamin D have a protective effect against cancer?

The short answer to this question is: We don’t know! Some studies have shown that individuals with vitamin D deficiency had a 31% higher risk for colorectal cancer. Other studies have shown that postmenopausal women with vitamin D levels higher than 60 ng/ml had an 80% lower risk for breast cancer compared to postmenopausal women [...]

Does Vitamin D have a protective effect against cancer?2018-11-07T11:51:43-08:00

Deep Breathing to Relax

Did you take any deep breaths today? If you normally do not take deep breaths during the day, what if you knew that there is strong scientific evidence for the benefits of mindful deep breathing? Deep breathing it not only a great stress-relief remedy that has stood the test of time but we now have [...]

Deep Breathing to Relax2018-10-29T12:25:49-07:00

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